Life After High School: Mina Nilchian

Mina Nichian

Who: Mina Nilchian

Year Graduated: 2010

Where are you now?
I’m in San Diego, working on a B.A. in International Studies at the University of California in San Diego. I switch between living in San Diego and the Bay Area.

What do you enjoy?
I love running! I’m training for a half marathon. I also enjoy drawing, relaxing with friends, attempting to cook (and sometimes succeeding), laughing at animal videos on YouTube, watching documentaries on Netflix, writing, partying like a rockstar, and occasionally meditating at the beach.

And, of course, since I’m a nerd, I love my classes. If I’m not stressed out, I actually really enjoy attending class and listening to and learning from my professors.

What did you do in high school?
I was all over the place. I did Mock Trial, journalism, a little bit of theater and some student government. I took a lot of art classes. I also helped lead a human rights club with my friends Chris and Vita.

What are you doing now?
Still writing! I used to write for the UCSD Guardian, the main news publication on UCSD campus, and at one point served as the features editor. I now write for the alumni magazine here at UCSD, where I interview and write about interesting alumni. Currently, I’m working on the feature for May’s issue — it’s a retrospective look at the UCSD Theater and Dance department’s past 40 years. I’ve had to do a ton of research and interviewed probably about ten people.

I also keep up with political groups and events around campus to keep myself up to date with current events. I became an International Studies major because I’ve always been passionate about fostering cultural understanding and dialogue around the globe. I also try to get involved with women’s organizations because I love some good ol’ female empowerment 🙂

What surprised you about life after high school?
At first, it was kind of scary to find out that the grown-ups don’t have all the answers. I found that many of the adults in the “real world” are just as uncertain, and sometimes even more insecure than our peers in high school. Life after high school starts becoming a lot less established. For me, college was always the next step. But what about after that? The answer to “what am I going to do with my life?” becomes a lot more daunting. Eventually you learn to embrace the confusion and take it as it comes. No one has it 100% together.

Words of Wisdom for current Bearcats?
The journey is the destination. Our goals and aspirations are meant to be guides, not endpoints you reach where you fill find the happiness and fulfillment that you don’t feel today. Life happens in between. This might not make sense now, but it’ll dawn on you one day. You’ll be sitting in a library at one in the morning, frantically studying for a biology midterm, maybe you’ll be with your friend watching The Dark Knight for the fifth time and binging on Hot Cheetos, or maybe you’ll be rock climbing in a foreign country. You’ll stop and realize “hey, this is actually pretty cool.” Bask in that moment.


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