Life After High School: Peter Lebo


Who: Peter Lebo

Year Graduated: 2011

Where are you now?
I am in South America taking a semester off from college to travel. Right now I’m in Cuenca, Ecuador.

What do you enjoy?
Long walks on the beach. Also movies, especially those that are good enough to merit an expensive trip to the theaters. In my free time during the school year I do a little programming and follow it up with soccer, water polo, or tennis. Also, puns: How come the scarecrow won a nobel prize? He was out standing in his field. 😀

What did you do in high school?
I goofed around 90% of the time, but in that other 10% I played the best sports San Mateo had to offer, tennis and water polo. In terms of clubs, I was the president of the Dodgeball Club my sophomore, junior, and senior years, and a proud member of the Barbecue Club my senior year. I was also the Spirit Commissioner with my buddy Bryant Chow (the year before the PAC was gutted… may the old girl rest in peace)

What are you doing now?
I’m studying Computer Science with an emphasis on Software Engineering.

What surprised you about life after high school?
How difficult it is to stay in touch with your high school friends. You wont be seeing these guys several times a day anymore, so you really have to make the effort.

Also, life isn’t as linear as it was in high school. You’ll have the opportunities to make almost every decision about what you will do and where you will go, which is awesome but scary at the same time.

Words of Wisdom for current Bearcats?

1. Take high school seriously, but never too seriously.
2. It’s easy to forget how talented and interesting your teachers are when you’re with them every day. Appreciate these resources don’t take them for granted. Most people have much less than you.
3. You get as much out of college as you put into it. Don’t expect awesome times and academic success to fall in your lap just because you’re there … get involved and work at it.


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