Life After High School: Chippie Kislik


Who: Chippie Kislik

Year Graduated: I graduated in 2010, after a year of triumph in a Paw battle against Burlingame. I remember the day well… November 14, 2009… I was down on the track with my Spirit Commissioning Cohort Colin Schwartz and we were painted head to toe in orange and black. Such a victorious day.

Where are you now?
Berzerkeley is my calling and Chippie is my name. I currently am a student at UC Berkeley in the College of Natural Resources as an Environmental Education and Water Resources major with a minor in Geographic Information Systems. I will be graduating a semester early (in Fall 2013) and will continue to study water resources after I graduate.

What do you enjoy?
I love whistling, dancing, riding my bike, sunshine, rhyming, free styling, writing poetry, hearing the rain on my window, hiking, exploring new territory, laughing, crying, and learning about environmentalism.

What did you do in high school?
I was in student government for my junior and senior year at San Mateo High School and my highlight was being Spirit Commissioner from 2009-2010. We made some hilarious videos that I still watch today. I was on the Varsity tennis team for 4 years, Girls JV soccer team for 2 years, track and field team as a hurdler for 4 years, and was a Polish pirate in Peter Pan! Arrrggh matey!

What are you doing now?
I am currently studying water resources and environmental education at UC Berkeley as a junior and will be graduating in the fall. This summer, I hope to conduct research for my honors thesis off the coast of Colombia on 2 islands called San Andres and Old Providence. There, I will research rainwater harvesting and subsistence farming and collaborate with native communities. After I graduate in the winter, I hope to travel to Latin America and brush up on my Spanish skills to continue working in the environmental sector. Then I will hopefully also be able to visit Iceland (for its amazing geothermal activity and hot spots) and Thailand (for its incredible food and culture).

What surprised you about life after high school?
Life is a big surprise! Life after high school is wonderful and it just keeps getting better. College is incredible because you can choose all of your own classes and they can be as specific as a class all about Radiohead! Follow your passions and don’t fall into the trend of doing what other people want you to do.

Words of Wisdom for current Bearcats?
Try to stay present, meditate, and be aware of your surroundings everyday. Don’t stress about the little things. Everything will work out. It always does…


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