Life After High School: Jeremy Venook


Who: Jeremy Venook

Year Graduated: 2011

Where are you now?
Sophomore at Harvard University majoring in Social Studies with a minor in Film Studies

What do you enjoy?
I’m a huge film and musical theater buff–I love going to movies and on-campus theater productions with my friends, or just putting on a classic movie; I’m a devout acolyte of the Gospel of Gene Kelly. I also enjoy writing, television (I’m currently addicted to The Wire and Breaking Bad), playing video games or an intense round of Settlers of Catan with my roommates, and just generally hanging out and talking about anything involving politics or pop culture.

What did you do in high school?
I performed in most of the shows at SMHS, from Little Shop of Horrors my first semester on campus to The Wedding Singer winter of my senior year, and took dance class all four years. I was president of Model United Nations starting in Junior Year, and was Opinion Editor of the San Mateo Hi and an intern and student writer at the San Mateo Daily Journal my senior year.

What are you doing now?
Along with my studies, I’m still doing tons of theater, mainly musicals–I actually stayed on campus this past summer to play Snoopy in a production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown–and dancing with TAPS and the Harvard-Radcliffe Modern Dance Company. I’m also a peer adviser for a group of freshmen and a member of CityStep, an organization which teaches dance to local elementary and middle school students, and an Arts columnist for the Harvard Crimson.

What surprised you about life after high school?
How different–and awesome–college is. As hard as the work can sometimes be, it’s been an amazing experience overall so far, both in terms of classes and the incredibly interesting people I’ve met.

Words of Wisdom for current Bearcats?
As cliched as this advice may be, it’s really important to do your best in high school so you’ll end up where you want to be afterwards. This isn’t just about academics; ending up at the right college also means getting to be in a place you really love surrounded by awesome, interesting people.


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