Life After High School: Alyssa Royce


Who: Alyssa Royce

Year Graduated: 2010

Where are you now?
I’m living it up in San Francisco! It’s my 3rd year at SF State but I’m graduating early so I’ll be done this May.

What do you enjoy?
I really enjoy living in SF. This city has so much to offer, so much going on, that you really never get bored. And we have beautiful weather almost every day. I love driving in the city and exploring different neighborhoods whenever I can.

What did you do in high school?
In high school, I was really involved in Leadership, class council, and the drama program. I was on stage crew for four years and I did a lot of tech stuff for Leadership, like making videos for rallies and such. Most notably, I was Student Body President in 2010, and that was honestly the best year of my life thus far. I have nothing but fond memories about my days at SMHS.

What are you doing now?
Right now, I am the president of Alpha Phi Omega at SFSU. Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed (guys & girls) service organization that emphasizes leadership, friendship, and service. It’s been a huge part of my life for the past three years and I plan to continue volunteering with the organization after I graduate. I also work for the San Francisco Giants as a video editor. I’ve been a huge baseball fan all my life, so getting to work for the Giants is like living the dream. I’m a part of SFG Productions, which creates all the videos for the Giants’ website and the scoreboard during the games. We also have a documentary show called “Inside the Clubhouse” which airs on Comcast SportsNet. It’s definitely fun to work at the ballpark everyday. Who would’ve thought I’d go from making rally videos for SMHS to rally videos for the World Series? Life can be pretty funny sometimes.

What surprised you about life after high school?
Well, the stuff I worry about now is very different than the stuff I worried about in high school. High school was awesome, but we all made a lot of mountains out of molehills. I feel like once you’re able to get away from all the competition and drama of high school, you start to realize what truly matters.

Words of Wisdom for current Bearcats?
Bearcats, take advantage of every opportunity to have fun and enjoy high school while it lasts. Too many of my friends spent high school worrying about college and “what’s next.” If you spend your life worrying about the future, you’ll miss what’s going on in the present. You go to the one of the best high schools that this country has to offer. When you get out into the world, you will meet people who envy the education and experiences you had at SMHS. So live it up and don’t forget to laugh! No matter what anyone tells you, high school should be fun and rewarding. Don’t miss out.


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