Life After High School: Dane Archibald


What is your name?
Dane Archibald

What year did you graduate?

Where are you now?
I currently live in San Francisco, in a flat known as ‘The Estate’, with fellow San Mateo Alumni, Jeremy Hamaoui.

What do you enjoy?
Like any large metropolis, San Francisco offers a ton to do! I love doing just about anything; going to comedy clubs, Tech conferences, theatre, Giants games, taverns, etc.. But sometimes I like to relax and on those weekends I can be found in Napa, Carmel or on the couch relaxing with our house dog Gibson.

What did you do in high school?
A bit of everything. I was one of the first students to complete Ellyn Daugherty’s BioTech Pathway landing me two post internships at Cell Genesys and Incyte Geonomics. For two years I was part of the newspaper, in which I still utilize my Photoshop skills. I played in the marching band with Mr. T and made many of my lifelong friends there. I was in after school detention about once every 3 months for being loud and obnoxious (I still am). But easily my fondest memories were being Spirit Commissioner with my partner in crime Jacob Lerman. DJ Spirit.

What are you doing now?
I recently worked at a start-up called As the first employee I worked with the CEO and we built a company. After 3 years, we built into 40 person team and were making thousands of sales a day. I handled a variety of jobs and ensured the company stayed a well oiled machine.

As of February, I left in search of a new challenge! I found an amazing opportunity, as an Account Manager, with MoPub, Inc. What I do is optimize mobile apps in serving (showing) ads so the mobile apps can make MILLIONS!

What surprised you about life after high school?
The funny thing about education is once you no longer feel the pressure from school, you tend to crave to want to continue learning. I have had the privilege to work with a ton of smart people who have taught me a lot and added fuel to my fire to learn. Recently, I took a couple courses at Stanford University  started utilizing to learn some cool tech languages and began reading more books without pictures.

Words of Wisdom for current Bearcats?
There is no reason to sail a ship at full speed in the wrong direction. Meaning: work smart before you work hard. (This is easier said then done.) Think about things, take a breath and then kick ass!


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2 thoughts on “Life After High School: Dane Archibald

  1. Dane's Mom says:

    Dane barely graduated in 2004, not 2010. Just a heads up.

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