Life After High School: Vicky Stein


Who: Vicky Stein

Year Graduated: 2010

Where are you living now?
Hanover, New Hampshire, but next year I’ll be in Exmouth, Australia, and anywhere else I can possibly travel.

What do you enjoy?
I love: singing with my a cappella group, the Dartmouth Rockapellas; teaching, designing, and making jewelry in the Dartmouth Jewelry Workshop; photography; scuba diving; traveling; sewing; wearing fuzzy froggy slippers; finding and identifying new and interesting bugs and plants; and sleeping.

What did you do in high school?
I know it was only four years ago, but it feels so far awayI! I was a member of the Raza Unida club, took Biotech, AP Bio, and APES, worked backstage and sometimes onstage for San Mateo Drama and Dance productions, and started a creative writing club that I don’t think exists anymore.

What are you doing now?
I’m about to graduate from Dartmouth College, where I’ve majored in Ecology (technically Biology, but I’ve focused on ecological biology and population ecology). This summer, I’ll be teaching science at Galileo summer camp for a month, then taking off for Australia to participate in a photo-ID based dolphin research project.

What surprised you about life after high school?
It’s manageable! Everything seems like a challenge, but everything also feels like more of an accomplishment when you get something done, so it sort of balances out? I don’t know if that was a surprise to anyone but me, but when I do something independently and far from home, it’s very rewarding.

Any words of wisdom for current bearcats?
Besides the obvious (take advantage of everything SMHS has to offer)- make friends with a teacher or two (or all of them)! They’re real humans (probably), and they’re often super fun to talk to. Life experience, good stories to tell, and they probably have a lot more in common with you than you think.


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