Life After High School: Ava Herceg


Who: Ava Herceg

What year did you graduate? 2004!

Where are you living now?
I live in San Francisco!

What do you enjoy?
I enjoy crafting – knitting, sewing, paper crafts. Reading good historical fiction novels and long aimless walks around the city.

What did you do in high school?
In high school I was in theater productions (HI MR.FRIEDMAN!). I loved photography and started printing my own black and white photos in a lab. Art history, journaling, reading and taking naps were a few other interests of mine back then.

What are you doing now?
About two years ago I started working for a little start up here in San Francisco that produced online craft video tutorials (we would film a talented artist or craftsperson teaching their skill – sewing, knitting etc. – and stream them on our website). I was the senior producer which meant that I coordinated all the video content and made sure that operationally every little thing went off without a hitch. We sold our company to a larger company at the end of last year so I decided that I’d take some time off, travel a bit and find another adventure for myself. That’s where I am now : ) Learning some new skills, enjoying some free time and prepping for a two month long trip abroad.

What surprised you about life after high school?
I was surprised by how difficult it was to pick one degree path or career path and stick with it. I was exposed to so many wonderful things to do and study and learn about in college that I was constantly questioning whether I had picked the right path to be on. I still don’t know! HAH! One day at a time.

Any words of wisdom for current bearcats?
I’m 100% sure that I’m a person with 0% wisdom, but I WILL share that it is SO AWESOME after high school. I’m not kidding. You get to make terrible decisions and really great decisions and you get to eat ice cream for dinner (terrible AND really great decision) and you get to reinvent yourself for a whole new group of friends and then realize a few months later that you’re really just the same person with different clothes or bangs or something that will make you feel dumb but you’re not dumb. You’re a great person. I know it. I can feel it. You’re just a really great person who is looking forward to never going to 2nd period ever again. Great news, you! 2nd period will be over in no time flat! And then the rest of your life will start. Hang in there.


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