Life After High School: Shiv Aiyar

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Who: Shiv Aiyar

What year did you graduate? 2013

Where are you living now?
I currently ‘live’ in Irvine, California but I consistently travel back and forth between San Diego, CA and Phoenix, Arizona.

What do you enjoy?
I really love building incredible products and services and collaborating with people with entrepreneurial mindsets. I also have a passion for listening and composing music and dabble here and there on the piano.

What did you do in high school?
I had a unique high school experience to say the least. Between 9th to 12th grade, I attended three different high schools in two completely different countries (USA and India). During my freshmen year at San Mateo High School, I ran a technology news and evaluation blog targeted towards the teen demographic. That was an incredible experience for me as I learnt a great deal about journalism, technology, and public relationships with companies. The site worked with many well established firms including Samsung, Seagate, Google, Mophie, and Parallels.

What are you doing now?
February 26th of this year I created Hedron LLC with a few of my friends in San Diego, CA – a creative product design firm. Three weeks ago we launched our first product ‘DECA’ on Kickstarter. DECA is a handcrafted deck box for tabletop card gaming, designed with premium woods and acrylics. Within 27 minutes of launching we hit our funding goal and yesterday we raised double our funding goal.

I also lead an entrepreneurial society of young, motivated individuals who desire to become successful entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and all-around the best in whatever they put their mind to. We constantly have masterminds, learn and network with notable millionaires, and travel the country.

What surprised you about life after high school?
I’ve been trying to come up with a good answer to this question for a while now and can’t really think of one. Truth be told, I don’t think anything ‘surprised’ me about post high school life. Having freedom to control your own destiny empowered me to really go out there and do the things I’ve been wanting to do practically my entire life.

Any words of wisdom for current bearcats?
The best way to learn is to just go out and do it. I’ve learnt significantly more going out and designing a product than reading and watching dozens of books about product design. So if you really want to pursue something, figure out a way to add real life application to complement your formal education to maximize being genuinely capable in a field.

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