Life After High School: Jonathan Slowey


Who: Jonathan Slowey

What year did you graduate?
I graduated in 2013.

Where are you living now?
I am currently finishing my second year at UC San Diego.

What do you enjoy doing?
In the past two years or so, I’ve been cooking and baking a lot. I usually cook/bake when I’m bored, hungry, or procrastinating. It turns out that I am usually all of those things at the same time and I’ve heard that the medical term for it is “procrastibaking”. I also love comedy (movies, stand up, podcasts, Youtube videos, etc…) and tend to surround myself with people who can handle my humor. Above all of that, I enjoy new experiences the most; meeting people from other states and countries so frequently at college is such a refreshing change from being around people at high school that I went to preschool with, but the comfort in familiarity is something I did miss.

What did you do in high school?
I was on the soccer team my first year and the track team for my first two years, and that was the last time I remember exercising. I was one of the Co-Presidents of the Green Team, a member of GSALT (Gay-Straight Alliance Leadership Team) for the GSA and a general member of SMHS’s founding S.E.E.D.S (Strategies for Ecology Education, Diversity and Sustainability) chapter. Beyond clubs, I was the Web Editor for the Hi and I spent a majority of my free time doing things related to Biotech and IR. I completed the Biotech program and went onto Segan Industries in Burlingame where I was able to work for some time—go join Biotech and utilize the amazing resources you don’t even know you have! There was also a Bollywood Club I was involved with for one year, but it really was just my friends and me eating and watching movies.

What are you doing now?
I am currently working towards a degree in Human Biology and another in Public Health. I spent two years in student government at UCSD (the Associated Students) and I currently work in the Dean’s Office as an intern. I’m very interested in infectious disease, HIV/AIDS, and sexual health and I’m currently trying to find ways to bring the information I study in my classes out to the UCSD and San Diego community. In the far future I hope to become some type of physician, but in the meantime I’m just exploring all of the resources I have around me

What surprised you about life after high school?
I think my first big realization was that the life I imagined myself leading in high school changed drastically once I entered college. High school is a weirdly competitive time where you see the same people every day for four years straight; UC San Diego has 30,000 people and if I don’t go out of my way to schedule times to meet with people I can go days without seeing the same face twice. This is only my second year, so I don’t have life figured out yet, but I think the biggest thing for me was coming to terms with how big the world is and how much (and little) agency I have over certain aspects of my future.

Any words of wisdom for current Bearcats?
Knowing myself two years ago, I probably would have been too stubborn to listen to anything “future me” would have to say so I understand how this sounds to someone still in high school, but really focus on finding your voice. It’s hard to not focus on external things like getting into college while in high school, but taking the time to know yourself is vital for moving forward with your life and making connections with other people. All of the best things I’ve encountered surfaced because I put myself outside of my comfort zone, and I’ve learned a lot about myself since.

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