Life After High School: Austin Chua


What is your name?
Austin Chua

What year did you graduate?
Class of 2011

Where are you living now?
I recently moved from Davis back to Foster City.

What do you enjoy doing?
Recently, I became super interested in working out, as well as nutrition. I find it super interesting how the human body reacts not only to the foods you input into it, but also how it reacts and changes according to the stresses of daily life. Similar to high school, I still enjoy reading/watching the news. Keeping up with the current happenings of the world, in my view, is a necessity to stay an informed citizen.

What did I do in high school?
At San Mateo, I was involved with a few things, mainly the newspaper. To be honest, it was by chance that I had picked Journalism as a class, mostly since it sounded sort of fun, and I was even more excited when everybody got their own computers to goof off on during their free time (sorry Ms. Fergusson). Anyways, I started out as a sports writer my freshman year, but switched over to the News section pretty quickly. Sophomore year and junior year I worked as the News Editor, and senior year I took over as one of two Editors-in-Chief. In addition to journalism, I was involved with Interact Club for three years, becoming Treasurer and eventually Vice President for that, as well as one of the Club and Class Commissioners my senior year. I competed on the tennis team all four years at San Mateo as well.

What are you doing now?
Currently, I’m job hunting for the time being. I just left my job as a Research Assistant in Davis, and would love to get involved in the biotechnology industry. I’m mainly looking through molecular diagnostics and genetic testing companies, since I plan to apply to graduate programs for genetic counseling in the near future.

What surprised you about life after high school?
Definitely the effort it would take to have that quality time with people. Especially going from a 1,000ish to a huge school of over 20,000 people, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to juggle schoolwork and have time to see every person you want to or do everything that you want to. College is definitely an eye opening, find your true life calling sort of time, and can be trying in a huge number of ways, all while working towards good grades and a healthy social life.

Any advice for current bearcats?
I’d say learn to be as independent as you can in high school. Learning to deal with tough situations by yourself will pay dividends in college, especially when your parents aren’t immediately there to walk you through any adverse situations.

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