Matt Erlick


What year did you graduate?
Class of 2011

Where are you living now?
I graduated from the University of Arizona in May 2015, and am now living in Scottsdale, Arizona. A very short walk to the Giants Spring Training Complex!

What do you enjoy doing?
I still enjoy watching and playing sports. Since my junior year of college, I have really enjoyed playing golf, and play as much as I can. There are so many golf courses in the Scottsdale-Phoenix area. I also continue to enjoy being a fan of our great bay area sports teams (Giants, Warriors and 49ers). I am now also a huge Arizona Wildcat fan, and am proud to say I got to experience many winning seasons, and awesome games as a student there (And will continue to as an Alum).

What did you do in high school?
I will never forget my 4 years at SMHS. It was an awesome place to go to high school, and I will always treasure the times I had there. During my time at San Mateo, I was heavily involved with sports. I played all 4 years of baseball, and basketball for the Bearcats. I was also the announcer for Bearcat Football for 3 years. I took Journalism at SMHS, and was the Sports Editor of the newspaper my senior year. Aside from all the sports stuff, I read the announcements over the loudspeaker every morning, which I always thought was a cool thing to get to do.

What are you doing now?
I graduated from the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona last May. My degree is in Business Management with a minor in Sports Management. During my time in college I was an active member of the Arizona Sports Marketing Association, and Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. I am now currently in my first post-grad position, working in Game Operations & Stadium Logistics for the Fiesta Bowl. The Fiesta Bowl is one of the six major bowl games (called the New Years Six) in the new College Football Playoff System. This year the game was New Years Day between Ohio State and Notre Dame.

What surprised you about life after high school?
I first would like to say that SMHS greatly prepared me academically and socially for the large college campus environment. There were definitely times in my college classes that I felt I had an advantage because of what I had learned at San Mateo…One thing that surprised me was how fast time goes. It’s crazy to think its already been four years since graduation. I’m glad to stay I still keep in good touch with many people I went to SMHS with.

Any advice for current bearcats?
My first piece of advice to all Bearcats is to make an effort to be friendly and have a positive attitude with everyone. I believe it will really benefit you in the long run. In terms of college, the key for my success was time management. Staying organized sets you up on the right path. Lastly, enjoy your high school career. I will always have fond memories of my time at San Mateo High School. Wear the Orange & Black proud.

P.S. – I wanted to say thank you to Ms. Kalinski, Mr. Reoutt, Mr. Ikeda, and Mr. Wilke. I learned a lot in their classes that greatly prepared me for success as a college student. I highly suggest taking their classes during your 4 years at SMHS.

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