Colin Schwartz

What year did you graduate?

Where are you living now?
Planet Earth

What do you enjoy doing?
Being outside, making friends, exploring new places.

What did you do in High School?
Spirit Commissioner, Wellness Commissioner, Dodgeball Club President, Soccer, Badminton!

What are you doing now?
Moving to Alaska to work as a Marine Biologist on fishing boats. Spent last year leading luxury bicycle vacations around the world.

What surprised you about life after high school?
Especially after college for me, I found life to be truly a blank slate. It is up to each person to live how they’d like to, but learn to live with the consequences!

Any advice for future bearcats?
I have lots of advice, but it’s hard to tell what would be most helpful. It depends on the person! I would say: Take a step back from your own life once in a while. Evaluate where you are or what you’re doing, and accept constructive feedback from yourself or others. Then, dive back into your world 100%, make the changes you need to chase your dreams, and be sure to help others along the way. Don’t be afraid to fail sometimes too!
Of course I also have to say… Wear orange every Friday!

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